Dänische Space Age Pantre Art Lampe von Bent Karlby für Lyfa, 1960er

Pantre (Three-Pan in English) is one of several Pan-themed lights Danish architect-designer Bent Karlby created for Lyfa in the late 1960s, and like its wall-mounted sibling the Pan-Opticon, the position of the Pantre´s three shiny aluminium bulb-concealing covers can be slid up and down to change the quality and quantity of light emerging from one end vs the other. Like many of Karlby´s designs of this period, the lamp is as much an artwork as it is a lighting fixture, and when the three bulbs are lit it springs to life, the orange interiors reflecting a warm and colourful glow that is the epitome of Danish hygge. Issued by Lyfa in 1969, Karlby´s Pantre pendant light was marketed as one of the company´s Lyfalux series, a branding reserved for their most high-quality designer lines. A January 1969 advertisement for the Pantre explains the Lyfalux series concept: ´´Design and function in harmony. A quality that is reflected in the smallest details – a refined style – a great light... These are the requirements for a light to be included in the Lyfalux series. You can be sure that you´re making the right choice when you select a Lyfalux series lamp. You are choosing one of the most perfect lights.”
436.00 EUR

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