Sehr Große Italienische Murano Hängelampe von Alfredo Barbini, 1960er

This large pendant was designed by Alfredo Barbini during the 1960s and was made in Italy at his Vetreria studio. The piece is made from hand-blown Murano glass and hangs on a frame of chromed metal. The glass is made with a special technique which successively adds the glass rings on top of each other. As a result, the lamp has fine grooves on the inside of the glass cap. The application of this technique is difficult, since the glass rings must always be the same size to precisely fit together. The glass goes from clear to white milk glass leading to a soft and warm light as pictured. The dimensions below are for the glass cap. The total length of the suspension bracket (93 cm) and glass shade (49 cm) is 142 cm.
1 750.00 EUR

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