Art Deco Milchglas Kronleuchter von David Gueron für Verrerie D´Art De...

This french Art Deco chandelier was designed in France during the 1920s. It is signed Degue French 1920-1930. Made from bronze and molded frosted glass, it holds four Degué signed molded panels in a stylized floral cornucopia pattern in thick moulded satin pressed glass, representative of the Degué´s style. The four shades are represented in a satin amber color with a typical Art Deco pattern of roses and leaves. The bronze frame is decorated with art deco motifs that matches the glass Verrerie D´Art Degue is the company of David Guéron producing Art Deco luxury art-glass & lighting from 1926 till 1936. It is in good and working condition, there are some minor chips on edges of the shades (see pictures).
1 880.00 EUR

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