Vierstufiger Kronleuchter aus Facettiertem Kristall & Vergoldetem Meta...

This modernist design chandelier was designed by the Kinkeldey design team during the 1970s and manufactured in Germany. The crystals are meticulously cut in such a way that they radiate the light of the bulbs in different directions. All metal parts are gold-plated, even the lamp sockets and screws. The chandelier features a 24-karat gold-plated four-tier structure from which 37 multifaceted crystals are suspended. The removable 37 hexagonal crystals are hand polished and secured to the frame with solid brass decorative cylinder screws. Inside the frame are six standard small E14 screw light bulbs (up to 60 Watts each) and one standard big E27 screw light bulb (up to 100 Watts) at the bottom. Cleaned, well-wired and ready to use. The chandelier can be disassembled and the crystals individually wrapped for easy transport.
1 985.00 EUR

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