Simone Stehlampe von Covet Paris

Inspired by the one and only Nina Simone, DelightFULL designers have taken a classic lighting design and reinterpreted it into a fresh mid-century style floor lamp. Much like Mz. Simone, this unique lamp is a strong statement piece, that cannot go unnoticed wherever it’s placed. Simone is a three-light articulating floor lamp with black or glossy white shades and a structure handmade in brass. With textile red wires above the large lamp shades, this retro light will create the perfect atmosphere for your mid-century modern home. All in all, the Simone floor lamp aims to pass on Simone’s powerful personality, as well as her bold and warrior features. The light was designed in-house by DelightFULL for Covet Paris. Please get in touch with the Pamono team to let us know which color you would like to purchase.
2 773.00 EUR

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