Tivoli Grasshopper Gegengewicht Stehlampe von Floris Fiedeldij für Art...

After the second world war, Artimeta was one of the Dutch companies which became successful producing small metal furniture pieces and lighting designs in a new, innovative European style. The origin for using slender shapes and colorful metal for their lighting designs can be found in the work of French and Italian designers from the same era. Besides the particular collaboration with Mathieu Matégot, Artimeta’s development team continued to design in the manner of Pierre Guariche and Serge Mouille. The shade’s design of this floor lamp is very reminiscent in style to creations by Mouille. This lamp has a circular base, a black and white insect-like stand, and a balance arm. The organic grey shade can be positioned in all directions. The well- proportioned design is very symbolic of post-war Dutch modernism.
1 790.00 EUR

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