Weiße röhrenförmige TC2 Standleuchte von Aldo van den Nieuwelaar für A...

This modernist floor light, called the TC2, is most exemplary for the works of Dutch designer and architect Aldo van den Nieuwelaar. The work of van den Nieuwelaar can be characterized as minimalist and down to the minutest perfectly balanced. This 1972 TC2 was produced by Dutch company Artimeta for only a few years and in quite a limited edition. Lots of components had to be hand-made. The white enamel painted pipe and base is made of iron, which makes the light heavy and stable. The pipe that holds the TL tube can rotate to direct the light source, for example to the wall, to accentuate the shape of this lighting sculpture. The transformer for the tube is very silent because it isis hidden inside the base. This light is suited for wall mounting too.
3 500.00 EUR

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