Schwarze Dänische LilleBror Klemmlampe von Louis Poulsen, 1970er

Dating from the mid 1970s (the vintage advert included above is from a November 1976 magazine), this sturdy LilleBror clip-on shelf, desk, or spot lamp has the same tactile and chunky on/off button as Verner Panton´s Panthella. It was produced by the same manufacturer – Louis Poulsen of Denmark. With an overall length of 29cm (11.5 inches) and a diameter of 11cm (4.25 inches), the lamp is compact in size and versatile. Its black plastic body has a matte silk eggshell finish, and its silver-colored reflector means that the illumination produced is considerably stronger than its maximum 40w bulb would suggest. The lamp has a strong clip that allows it to be easily attached to a shelf, table or desk, and unclipped at a moment´s notice when it´s needed elsewhere. It also has an eyelet which allows it to be hung from a hook or nail on the wall, either for storage or in use. The lamp head can be rotated 180 degrees in relation to the bracket, while the bracket itself can be rotated by 300 degrees on the clip. This allows the light beam to be shone in more or less any direction. The LilleBror comes with its original 2.5 meter cable and integrated European-style two-pin plug.
146.00 EUR

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