Würfelförmige Wandlampe aus Messing & Glas von Hillebrand Lighting, 19...

This wall or ceiling light features a brass base and a glass shade. It was produced by Hillebrand in the 1970s. It is reminiscent of Art Deco designs. It is a flush mount and has decorative solid brass bolts along the sides. The square clear glass shade is textured. The edge simulates a water/ice effect. The outside surface is polished and has an undulated shape like water waves, while the internal surface is textured with a layer of sparkling crystal shards. It features a soft, diffused light. The removable glass shade has four holes, one along each side, and is secured to a large square polished solid brass base through four large decorative solid brass bolts around the sides. These bolts screw into individual metal arms extending from the brass base. The glass shade sits securely in place and can be easily removed to gain access to change the light bulbs. The round base is made of solid polished brass which reflects a warm tone. This flush light carries four standard screw E27 light bulbs up to 60 watts each. It comes with 25 watt clear candle light bulbs. - Additional Measurements: - Brass base: Height: 31 cm, Width: 31 cm - Glass shade: Height: 36 cm, Width: 36 cm, Depth: 9 cm
762.00 EUR

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